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RV Inspections in Arizona and Beyond

We Help You Realize Your RV Dreams

Helping You Make an Informed Decision

At Roadrunner RV Inspections, we help you launch your RV dream by providing a thorough inspection of your potential purchase. It is our goal to help you gain confidence and peace of mind before you embark on your RV adventures.

Brian and Brenda preforming a fluid analysis next to the open engine during an RV inspection

Our Services Menu

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we can help. Our services menu includes:

  • Essential Plus RV Inspection
  • Essential Safety Inspection
  • Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Financing Inspection
  • Warranty Inspection
  • Fluid Analysis
  • New Owner Orientation
  • RV Driving Lessons

HomeGauge’s CRL® Makes Everything Easier

We work with HomeGauge’s Create Request List® to make your entire experience smoother. You’ll be able to report any issues that must be repaired and replaced through this feature. Additionally, you’ll have the option to collaborate with your seller and to send a copy of your report to anyone you choose.

We Conduct Thorough Inspections

When it comes to your RV, nothing beats a thorough inspection and a professional report. That’s why our certified NRVIA inspectors and NRVTA Registered Technicians focus on delivering high-quality service. With prompt, clear communication, we let you know exactly what’s right – and what’s wrong – with your future RV.

Excellent Customer Service is Our Goal

Not only do we inspect your RV, but with our service we:

  • Provide your report within 24-48 hours of completed inspection.
  • Offer weekend appointments.
  • Are available anytime to answer questions about your inspection. We’re here to help!
Brian using a polarity tester while preforming an RV inspection

Tools of the Trade

We strive to always give you the correct answers the first time. That’s why we use a list of special industry-specific tools.


Used to check for the evidence of leaks in the RV’s propane system.


With this tool, we’re able to check the functionality of the RV’s batteries, converter, and inverter (if present).

Polarity Tester

Confirms that outlets are properly wired. 

GFCI Tester

Checks to make sure your GFCI outlets are working properly.

Fluid Analysis Equipment

Used to collect fluids for in-depth analysis by a third party laboratory, JG Lubricants. 

360-Degree Camera

This camera allows us to see in a 360-degree angle, and it’s small enough to go where we can’t. (Note: Only available with the Premier RV Inspection.)

Our Service Area

Inspections are available in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and West Texas.

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